About Skipper products

Welcome to the world of Skipper, one of the leading systems in the field of industrial safety management.

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Core values

With more than 30 years of experience and presence in the market, we and our RS-GUIDESYSTEMS branded products are one of the leading suppliers of barriers and queue management systems inland and abroad. The skipper product range is the ideal supplement to our existing portfolio, especially for the industrial sector.

fast – flexible - handy

Applicable after only a few small movements, that is significant for both: RS-GUIDESYSTEMS & Skipper.

One system for all

Our team will be pleased to assist you in finding the most suitable product for your special needs.

Innovation and Versatility

The skipper product range is modern and innovative.

handsome – durable - functional

All skipper components are sturdy and flexible.


Objectives & strategy

Being one of the leading branded products for industrial safety management, over the last 10 years, skipper has been distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. We are proud being part of this.

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Continual investment

Skipper products are constantly further developed, improved and complemented.

Grow our brand

Only skipper has this diversity of useful accessories.

Quality first

Skipper products convince by good quality and reliability.

New markets

Skipper is applicable for all-purposes and sectors.