Cord strap clips
Perfect for interior applications

The cord strap clip is available in two versions, one offering magnetic functionality and the other enhanced grip to cylindrical structures. Both versions hold the Skipper XS unit and receive Skipper tape end clips

Magnetic version (cord01)

With three powerful magnets, the magnetic version of the cord strap clip has a dual functionality of being able to attach to magnetic surfaces, as well as wrap around structures with its tourniquet cord.

Curved version (cord02)

With this version, the curved, robust outer surface allows the XS unit to fit more securely to scaffolding, poles and cylindrical surfaces. It has also been designed to perfectly fit to the lower part of the Skipper post allowing you to attach a Skipper XS unit to create a dual belt barrier system.


Width:    131mm / 5.2" (cord01)
Width:    131mm / 5.2" (cord02)
Height:    105mm / 4.1" (cord01) Height:    105mm / 4.1" (cord02)
Depth:    19mm / 0.7" (cord01)
Depth:    40mm / 1.6" (cord02)
Weight:    100g / 3.5oz (cord01)
Weight:    85g / 3oz (cord02)

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